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The Buildings Department is responsible for enforcing building codes
    - Auditing of all InDoor code
    - Pre-occupancy inspections
    - Issuance of occupancy permits

Public Facilities

Building Codes
All buildings (collaboration facilities of any sort) in Osmio must be built and maintained in conformance with the City-State's Building Codes. Briefly, our codes require all digital objects such as executable code and its components (DLLs and others) to be digitally signed by

  • a professionally licensed architect
  • a professionally licensed contractor
  • any structural engineers involved
  • a building inspector (code auditor) from this department

A building permit must first be issued to any and all prospective buildings before the first instance of code may be installed in Osmio or any municipality for which Osmio exercises administrative jurisdiction.

In addition, all buildings must carry a valid occupancy permit issued by this department before they can be occupied. The occupancy permit must be renewed annually.

Building Permits
Building permits are generally issued immediately, provided the application is digitally signed by the identity credential of the prospective owner and at least one AEC professional (Architect, Structural Engineer or Contractor).





Occupancy Permits

Occupancy permits attest not only to the fact that a building is built to code and has been inspected by this department at every appropriate stage of its construction; the Permit also attests to the fact that all AEC professionals who signed the original building permit and any supplementary permits are satisfied with their treatment in accordance with the terms of their contracts with the owner of the building or, in the case of subcontractors, with the general contractor.





Planning and Zoning

Osmio exists in order to provide the basis for secure, manageable online spaces; the city exists specifically to adapt and import the physical world’s notion of Quiet Enjoyment to the online world. The Planning and Zoning Board is responsible for creating and managing the Building Codes Infrastructure so that it may be applied successfully in the design, construction, use and management of secure InDoor spaces.

The City of Osmio serves as administrative capital to a number of online regions. Within our own borders and those of those administrative regions, one of the main functions of our governance is to ensure that owners and occupants of online facilities can enjoy the same benefits of the principle of Quiet Enjoyment as do the owners and occupants of buildings in the physical world.


The Planning and Zoning Board is responsible for creating and managing the Building Codes Infrastructure so that it may be applied successfully in the design, construction, use and management of secure InDoor spaces.


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< Requirements for issuance
of Construction Permits >

< Requirements for issuance
of Occupancy Permits >

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School Department

Education In Osmio
There are good reasons why Osmio is an excellent location for specialty K-12 educators and universities that are serious about distance learning; and all those reasons start with Authenticity.


Have confidence in the identity of that student that is taking that important distance learning examination.


Know that there are no adult impostors lurking in spaces where your children hang out.


At present, Osmio does not offer its own distance learning facilities and courseware. Rather, we provide a hosting facility for your own software and courseware. Naturally, the software must pass code audit by our building inspector, and your facility must carry an occupancy permit that indicates, among other things, that those who were involved in its construction were sufficiently satisfied with their treatment to digitally sign a release that enables the issuance of the occupancy permit.


Establish your training or educational facility in Osmio
If you run a skills certification program, you know all about the tension between the great economics of distance learning versus the need for in-person testing to ensure that test takers are who they say they are.
Osmio's identity standards allow you to offer reliable courses and reliable certification standards.


< Inquire about suitable spaces for
your training or educational facility >



Real Estate Board

Uses the principles of QEI’s Real Estate Professional Infrastructure to license architects, engineers, coders and maintainers and to monitor their compliance with professional standards. Works closely with the Guild of Real Estate Professionals.

Welcome to Osmio's Real Estate Board. We're here to ensure that property transfers are orderly and that zoning ordinances are observed.

We work closely with the Guild of Online Real Estate Professionals:

in ensuring that the professional standards of all who are involved in the online real estate field adhere to the highest standards.


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