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Protecting Your Privacy
As the proliferation of inauthenticity and fraud on the Internet causes awareness of the need for identity credential programs, it also causes awareness of the ways in which such programs could be misused to undermine individual privacy. The Department of Privacy Protection enforces the principle of ownership of information about an individual by the individual, as specified in the Personal Intellectual Property Component of QEI.

Your Own Information
All information about each citizen of Osmio is considered to be part of their Personal Intellectual Property, kept secure in their MOI (MyOwnInformation) file cabinet. As such, any license to possess and/or use personal information must be granted by a license granted by the identified individual to the relying party, after the relying party signs the owner's Personal NDA form as it applies to the relying party individually or as a member of a class.


If you feel that any information about you has been obtained or used in such a way that someone has violated the terms of your Personal NDA, file a complaint.

Personal NDA Violation Form

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