Image: Osmio, The AuthentiCity

In the future, the Public Works Department will regulate highway construction and maintenance. As these responsibilities now reside with IETF, ICANN, W3C etc. the City of Osmio will need to demonstrate with its successes that those organizations would benefit by affiliating with Osmio City Hall and thereby gain the benefits of authoritative identities and other elements of authenticity which they need.

Public Works

Our Mission Today
The Osmio Public Works Department ensures the proper maintenance and operation of the server infrastructure that we all take for granted but which is essential to the functioning of our City-State.


Public Roadways
Welcome to Osmio's Roadways Department. We're here to ensure that among other things the servers that provide the substrate under our roads are operating properly.


To report a problem with the roadways in your neighborhood, click here.

We work closely with highway departments throughout the Internet, notably the Online Highway Safety Association:


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