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The City of Osmio exists to bring Authenticity to online spaces.

One of the ways this is to be accomplished is by providing a means for anyone who is interested enough in standards to become directly involved in their development.

If you want to get involved, all you'll need is an identity credential issued by the City of Osmio Vital Records Department, with an Identity Quality score equal to or greater than that required by the standards group you wish to join. That, and a willingness to commit significant time and effort.

Endorsement Standards

Do your computer and your phone and your printer all talk to each other such that there are

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Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure

The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure (QEI) is an ID-PKI whose purpose is to fulfill the original goals of the creators of ID-PKI when it was first conceived in the 1970's and '80's.

QEI consists of twelve components in three groups.

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Optimocracy Parliamentary Procedures

Optimocracy is the system of governance used by the City of Osmio.

Policies and decisions are made by commissions

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Its procedures resemble those used by deliberative bodies, with some notable exceptions:

meetings are held strictly online, in synchronous or asynchronous fashion

Anyone may participate in any ny resident of a community may

Commissions are headed by moderators.

The role of the moderator of a standards commission is different from the role of moderators of other commissions, in that a standards moderator has the final say on the adoption of a standard. That's to avoid a common problem in traditional standards bodies, which often suffer from committee-itis, where conflicting goals of competing groups must be accommodated in order to get an adoption vote passed.


Professional Licensing

Before they may be occupied, all facilities in Osmio must carry a valid occupancy permit. The occupancy permit must be signed by the building inspector, who in turn must obtain releases from all licensed professionals who were involved in its design and construction and who will be involved in its management:

  • Architect
  • Structural Engineer
  • Contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Building Inspector (public code auditor)
  • City Planner

In addition to a professional license, the latter two professions may be practiced only by individuals who have been appointed to public office.

If you are involved in these professions and desire to practice in Osmio or in any of its administrative departments, or if you are applying for a municipal position such as building inspector (code auditor) or commissioner of any sort, you will need to obtain a professional license from this office.


What is required?

In order to obtain a professional license you will need
A Digital Birth Certificate™ identity credential

  • A suitable background, as determined by standards set by the various commissions and standards boards
  • Evidence of an established record of integrity A passing grade on the
  • appropriate licensing examination
  • The various professional licenses in Osmio are valid for different periods, as set by the responsible commissions.

Applying For A License

To apply for a professional license, or to learn more specific requirements, please click on an item:

Structural Engineer
Building Inspector (public code auditor)
City Planner

Enrollment Officers
Enrollment officers are not licensed by this office.

The authority by which an Enrollment Officer may administer an oath and authenticate an affidavit is granted by the notary commissioning office of a state. All Digital Birth Certificate™ credentials require an oath and affidavit, which in turn require (as do all notarial events) a face-to-face process.

Other credentials that do not require a face-to-face enrollment session may be issued by commercial enterprises.

To become a commissioner, you must

  • Obtain a Digital Birth Certificate™ credential
  • Learn the issues and positions that are being discussed in the particular commission by following the public debate, both synchronous and asynchronous
  • Pass the examination for that particular commission.

Your appointment as Commissioner takes place the moment you pass the examination and is effective for a period of six months, at which point you will need to have passed the examination again in the last month in order to retain your position as Commissioner.

See a list of current commissions.

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Professional Standards

The Department of Professional Authentication Standards, formerly known as ICCAP, is governed by a board consisting of authentication professionals of the highest standing. Its charter is to establish and apply a set of standards for the practice of enrollment of individuals in identity credential programs, as described in QEI’s Authority Infrastructure. See for particulars


The CityState of Osmio maintains high standards for professional licensing, building codes, identity credentials, enrollment procedures and other important parts of the life of the community. The standards are developed both by the city's own Standards Board and in collaboration with other standards organizations.


Identity standards are particularly important to our city, existing as it does only in the online realm where we lack visual and aural cues to tell us who is in the room with us. For this reason we work closely with the following organizations:

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