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Digital Birth Certificate™ Enrollment

The Digital Birth Certificate™ enrollment procedure results in the highest Enrollment Quality score of all available enrollment procedures and is intended for relying party situations that call for the highest level of Identity Quality.

The procedure is performed by a public official: an Attestation Officer. It calls for the generating of an Affidavit of Identity based upon documentation provided by the subject and the recital of an oath based upon that affidavit. The oath recital is captured on video with voice, with the resulting files - affidavit and video - being digitally signed by the Attestation Officer.

The resulting Digital Identity Credential, also called a Digital Birth Certificate™ , serves either as a utility credential for everyday single-sign-on use or as the foundational credential from which an utility credential can be easily generated. The foundational credential approach enables "accountable anonymity," the ability to assert identity without disclosing identity. It also means that a lost utility credential can be easily replaced, maintaining continuity with its predecessor credential.

Before scheduling DBC enrollment sessions, please ensure that those being enrolled are aware that the swearing of an oath places them under penalty of perjury.

The DBC-Standard Digital Birth Certificate™ enrollment is a face-to-face procedure which may be performed by any notary anywhere in the world who is equipped to capture the recital of the Oath of Identity on video and where an Internet connection can be established.

The U.S. State of Virginia has instituted an e-Notary program whereby specially qualified Virginia notaries may perform notarial acts, including the administration of oaths and jurats, over an audio-video link. The affiant (the person swearing the oath) may be anywhere in the world. The DBC-Virginia Digital Birth Certificate™ enrollment procedure provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to a face-to-face enrollment. 

Since notary commissioning standards vary among jurisdictions, lending institutions and others in some of the less demanding parts of the world have created designation programs that include additional qualification and testing procedures beyond those required by the state. The DBC-SA enrollment assures relying parties that the enrollment process was performed by a notary in a jurisdiction with strong commissioning standards, or was performed by a notary who meets standards such as those called for in the Signing Agent designation, meeting DBC-SA insurance and bonding levels.

A Latin (or Civil) Notary is a non-adversarial lawyer, typically but not necessarily practicing in a Latin Law jurisdiction. Standards of practice for Latin Notaries are the highest of all. With this, the DBC-Latin enrollment process, all relying parties have a higher level of assurance that the Attestation Officer has a significant personal investment in his or her professional credentials.

The Tabelio™ DBC
The Tabelio™ Digital Birth Certificate™ serves principals involved in high value transactions and other situations where relying parties need the very highest level of identity assurance. This enrollment process is performed by a licensed Tabelio Officer, an individual who is not only highly qualified but specially trained in identity verification and in the use of his or her VIVOS® Enrollment Workstation. In addition to the standard Digital Birth Certificate enrollment process, the Tabelio DBC involves the capture of a complete set of biometrics that includes voice, facial image, iris scan and multiple fingerprint, with the administration and recital of the oath of identity being recorded on video. All video and biometric files are location and date stamped and digitally signed by the Tabelio Officer.

After a Digital Birth Certificate™ enrollment the subject is given the choice of keeping his or her enrollment record, including the oath video, completely in offline storage media (one for the subject and, with the consent of the subject, one for the Tabelio Officer); or making it a part of their Disclosure Practice Statement. While most enrollees will be advised to keep such sensitive information offline, a few individuals who want to engage in high-value transactions remotely will want the records to be made available as a backup to their digital signature on, for example, a remotely executed purchase and sale agreement for a substantial asset. That allows a relying party to gain an additional measure of assurance by looking at the enrollment video for one more item of assurance that the counterparty is who he says he is before effecting the transaction.

Scheduling Digital Birth Certificate™ Enrollments

Enrollment engagements are managed by Enrollment Agencies that are licensed by the City of Osmio Vital Records Department. The Licensed Enrollment Agency will be able to explain what is involved, including costs and availability of Attestation Officers to perform enrollments either at your place of business or theirs.

Contact Licensed Enrollment Agency Digital Birth Certificate

Digital Birth Certificate™ Enrollment Demonstration

A Digital Birth Certificate™ enrollment demonstration is available to let you see how the procedure works. This will be helpful to you in explaining the procedure to those who are enrolling.

Digital Birth Certificate Enrollment Demonstration Digital Birth Certificate

It is strongly recommended that the subject keep the certificate and pen in a token such as a smart card, with the pen accessible only to the processor in the token itself. The pen accompanying a DBC should not be kept in a computer's hard drive or in a phone or tablet's general storage space. A Licensed Enrollment Agency will recommend a PKCS 11 (Cryptoki) compliant wallet (external device for storing and using PENs) for your users.


DBC Enrollment(s) at Attestation Officer's Office
The Digital Birth Certificate™ While the enrollment process may be performed at your location, it is more economical to schedule it at the Attestation Officer's location.



Schedule a Single Onsite Enrollment Event
A single onsite enrollment event is an enrollment of an individual and no more than seven additional members of his or her household or work group, performed consecutively at one location. (At the discretion of the Attestation Officer, more individuals may be accommodated in a single enrollment event.)



Schedule Batch Enrollments
Employers and other organizations wishing to establish Digital Birth Certificates™ for members of groups of people will need to work with our Attestation Officers to establish a schedule that is workable for all concerned. A dedicated room or large cubicle must be made available for the duration of the enrollment schedule.

Contact a Licensed Enrollment Agency for details.Digital Birth Certificate




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