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Unattested ID


unattested identity credentials

You and your team members may obtain an unattested identity credential at any time. This will be sufficient to gain entry into most reception areas in most buildings throughout Osmio and the areas for which is serves as administrative capital, and will enable quick and easy sign-on to certain older facilities called "Web sites" in the older spaces called the "World Wide Web" and "Web 2.0". As with all identity credentials, the facility, site or application is responsible for verifying the certificate's strength and validity with its certification authority.

The person enrolling must be at a location where an Internet connection and telephone connection can be established simultaneously. Listed VOIP addresses may be used in place of telephone numbers.


Unattested ID Certificate Digital Birth Certificate


UNC Credentials

UNC stands for Unattested, No Certificate. Credentials produced through this process by an identity provider simply map a password-protected URI or other unique identifier to the provider, which asserts the accompanying identity to a relying party. These credentials will suffice with older sites and relying parties that lack a means of checking the validity and strength of certificates.


Unattested, No Certificate Digital Birth Certificate


Digital Birth Certificate
Val-ID Credential

Unattested ID

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