Image: Osmio, The AuthentiCity

The Municipal Ordinances of the City of Osmio

The City of Osmio provides the essential ingredient of duly constituted public authority to Osmio's principal export, which is Authenticity. Our residents and visitors enjoy an online environment that is governed by the rule of law, as implemented and enforced by due process.  

Our identity ordinances, as implemented by our Vital Records Department, are your assurance that people are who they say they are. At the same, our privacy ordinances and our Personal Information Ownership Infrastructure assure your privacy. 


Our building codes, as specified in our building codes ordinances, assures the security and integrity of the spaces inhabited by our residents and visitors. A valid occupancy permit issued by our Buildings Department is your assurance that an online space's code is thoroughly audited, is in conformance with current building codes, and that a properly licensed architectural or construction professional has taken responsibility for it.

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