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The City of Osmio

Authenticity works where security technology has failed us.

If you're familiar with PKI, then you understand that certification authorities are essential to online security and trust.

The City of Osmio is the duly constituted public authority that serves as a certification authority -- with important differences.

You Own the City of Osmio

If the idea of centralized authority makes you nervous, know that we share your concern. That's why the governance of Osmio and its CA function is open for participation by you. As a voluntary "resident," you own it!


Osmio is Built Upon the Authenticity Infrastructure

Authenticity is PKI done right. Osmio deals only in personal identity certificates and direct derivations, not "site certificates" or "code signing certificates." This is the Internet of People.

Osmio Delivers Accountable Anonymity

Your Osmio-issued digital certificate works like your car's license plate: anyone can see it, making you accountable for what happens on public "roadways" like the internet. But unless there's an incident that calls for its disclosure, no one gets to your identity.

Watch What is Authenticity? to see how we present PKI done right.

Watch The Right Way to Certify to learn about the City of Osmio, its founding, and its duly constituted public authority.

The City of Osmio gains its authority directly from you, the citizen and participant in our effort to bring accountable anonymity to the world.

In order to participate in Osmio, and to enhance your own security and privacy on the internet, enroll with the Osmio Vital Records department.

In the same way that we have authenticity in identities in the real world, we can have authenticity in the digital world. Let Wes Kussmaul, founder of Delphi, the company that popularized the internet, explain.