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About the City of Osmio

Building Authenticity on the Internet

The City of Osmio serves as a certification authority, putting its duly constituted public authority behind its digital identity credentials and other digital certificates. The City of Osmio’s Vital Records Department provides identity credentials that carry a measure of their own reliability. Osmio’s credentials provide accountable anonymity, letting the user assert their identity without disclosing their identity, much as your car’s license plate makes you accountable without disclosing the identity of the driver or owner unless there’s been an accident.

Osmio addresses the concerns of thought leaders about centralized authority. Just as you own the city where you live, Osmio is owned by, and governed by, its residents and residents of online communities that accept Osmio as their administrative capital.

Professional Licensing

Years ago, people knew they could trust the assertions of an organization because those assertions were signed by a professionally licensed and professionally liable individual such as Arthur Andersen. Then the law changed so that a group of people collectively calling itself Arthur Andersen could sign those assertions. That meant that no individual's good name and professional livelihood was jeopardized if the assertions proved untrue.

The lack of individual assertions of identity, sites, and content on the internet means that inauthenticity, fraud, and malware runs rampant. How can you trust that people you deal with online are who they say they are? How can you trust that a piece of software doesn't contain some hidden agenda?

The City of Osmio brings back individual accountability for claims and representations made in online spaces. Perhaps one of Osmio’s professional licenses represents a skill of yours. If you have a demonstrable track record of integrity, this could be a new source of income for you.

How You Can Participate

Decades ago, the inventors of PKI thought that they had created the remedy for the inauthenticity problems that were just starting to plague the nascent information highway.

And they were right!

But the brilliant mathematicians who invented PKI had difficulty communicating with those who needed to be involved in PKI’s deployment. For more, check out these videos: What is Authenticity?  Ten Reasons Why PKI Failed To Gain Traction.

The City of Osmio is here to remove those obstacles to the effective deployment of PKI.

Like the city where you live, Osmio is owned by you, its resident. And just as the city where you live depends upon involved citizens for effective governance, Osmio is governed by the participation of active citizenry. Take a look at our various commissions and consider joining one of them. Some call for specialized skills but others will benefit from anyone who can invest the required time and attention.

Participate in one of our commissions to contribute your expertise toward greater authenticity and accountability on the internet.