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Authority Comes from You

With Facebook and Google and Microsoft and Apple and government spy agencies and botnet builders each trying to take over the world, we need a way to ensure that you, the individual computer and phone user, control information about yourself - and also the system that manages that information.

An important part of that system is its certification authorities. In the Web, a certification authority is the organization that signs the digital certificates attesting to the authenticity of https:// sites.

Since Osmio is founded on the belief that accountability should rest with human beings rather than faceless institutions, Osmio's online city hall provides publicly managed certification authorities that issue individual identity certificates.

Just as you own the town or city where you physically live, you, the online resident, own the City of Osmio. And just as the town or city where you live is governed by residents who care enough to get involved, the City of Osmio is governed by its involved residents.

Take a moment to read the Municipal Charter of the City of Osmio. Read about how you, the involved resident, directly govern Osmio, including its certification authorities.

Done right, identity certificates can solve many of the problems caused by lack of accountability on the internet and phone networks. And identity certificates provide another big benefit: for the first time in human history they allow direct participation in governance by the governed, regardless of physical distance from the capital.