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The City Manager's role is to engage with the wide variety of audiences who have an interest in authenticity on the internet. This includes thought-leaders, technical professionals, attestation officers, and others.

As City Manager, I am particularly interestedĀ in sharing the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure with the world to further the goal of a more secure and private internet. I highly recommend reading Wes Kussmaul'sĀ Quiet Enjoyment, which is the basis for accountable anonymity and the use of PKI as a set of materials used for its implementation.

As your single point of contact, I enjoy connecting with any person who sees that the current state of internet security technologies are severely lacking, and sees opportunity in adding a layer to the internet that ensures accountable anonymity.


Mike Maturo

Headshot of smiling City Manager Mike Maturo in a pink plaid dress shirt and dark blue suit with shoulder-length black hair.