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Vital Records Department


Birth and Death records

Your Vital Records Department is here to serve you and your organization by facilitating the issuance of reliable identity credentials. Once issued, all of our credentials may be asserted at any online facility, site, or application that accepts OpenID or various other identity assertion methods. The Osmio VRD Certification Authority provides OCSP and CRL facilities to enable relying parties to verify the certificate's validity and its level of Identity Quality.


Identity credentials are produced by one of three types of enrollment process:

  1.      Face-To-Face Attestation
  2.      Remote Attestation
  3.      Remote Out-Of-Band Validation


The first two types of enrollment process produce credentials that have the benefit of public authority, placing the subject under penalty of perjury. Such a Digital Birth Certificate™ serves as the subject's "foundational credential."

Because the foundational credential includes personal information, it is kept secure and is asserted only when the subject needs a new Utility Certificate for everyday use. The Utility Certificate contains no personal information.


The Vital Records Department works with Notaries, Attestation Officers, and enrollment services providers, and with relying parties such as our own Buildings and Professional Licensing departments, to ensure that credentials with appropriate levels of Identity Quality are available.


Throughout Osmio and the regions for which Osmio serves as administrative capital, entry into a building that carries a proper occupancy permit will require an identity credential of a minimum Identity Quality that is appropriate to the purposes of the building, or of an office within the building, as determined by the person responsible for the facility.


To enable your entry into buildings with occupancy permits and to participate in most activities that take place in Osmio, you will need to obtain an identity credential of minimum standard reliability. This office can assist you in obtaining identity credentials, both attested and unattested. Please get in touch with us if you still have questions after viewing the following listings and links.


Digital Birth Certificate


While identity credentials that are backed by public authority are the strongest and most reliable, they tend to be more costly than those produced by remote enrollment processes. Some relying party applications such as professional licenses for Architects, Contractors, appointments of public officials and others may only be issued to individuals who hold a valid Digital Birth Certificate™. Many facilities, however, may be accessed using lesser credentials. 


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Remotly Attested Identity Credentials
While remote attestation cannot be used to apply public authority in an enrollment process (even if the enrollment officer happens to be a notary), the resulting credential will be adequate for many purposes. The people whom you intend to enroll must be available at a telephone number that is listed in their name, and at a location where an Internet connection and telephone connection can be established simultaneously. Listed VOIP addresses may be used in place of telephone numbers.

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Unattested Identity
For some purposes, the assertion of the enrollee as to his or her identity will be sufficient to produce a credential of adequate strength. 


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Death Certificates

In Osmio and its administrative domains, a Death Certificate consists of a Digital Birth Certificate or other digital identity certificate plus a certification by an enrollment officer that he or she has been presented with satisfactory evidence that the enrollee is deceased (normally a paper death certificate), an attestation that the keys of the deceased and any enrollment records were conveyed to an heir, and a listing of any non-escrowed encrypted keys or enrollment records for which decryption keys do not exist.


Object Certificates


Certificates that identify entities other than human beings are the responsibility of other departments in the City of Osmio.


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