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September 12, 2017: An Historic Day for Osmio

On September 12, 2017, keyholders and authenticity entrepreneurs gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the key generation and signing ceremony for the City of Osmio, a citizen-driven duly constituted public authority and certification authority.

It represents an historic part of the deployment of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, which is a step toward bringing real authenticity, privacy, and security to the internet.

Wes Kussmaul, the creator of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and the founder of Delphi, leads the charge for internet authenticity through authorship, thought leadership, and the creation of The Authenticity Institute.

Learn more about the City of Osmio and our PKI-based identity efforts here:

A summary version of the key ceremony is below. We hope to convey the general procedures we used to securely generate our cryptographic keys.

The entire key generation ceremony is available to view below. We hope to earn your trust in the process we undertook to generate the cryptographic keys that are the core of the City of Osmio's Vital Records Department certificates.